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About Playmates

Playmates Cooperative Nursery School has offered families a supportive and creative learning environment for over 70 years.

Located in the Sunset District of San Francisco, we are a non-profit, nonsectarian, cooperative organization formed by parents and experienced staff.

We work together to foster the creative, social, physical, emotional and cognitive development of children 2 to 5½ years of age.

  • Adult-to-Child Ratio

    Our Adult-to-Child Ratio is 1:5

  • 70+ Years

    Playmates was incorporated in 1950.

  • Scholarships Available

    Scholarships are available, please apply!

  • Diverse & Inclusive

    Our families, children, and staff strive to promote a diverse and inclusive culture.

What Parents Say

Playmates Kids

Develop a love of learning

Gain high self-esteem

Develop independence

Learn the joy of friendship