March 15, 2018


Spring Auction

Spring Auction will be March 11, 2023!

Go Back to the Future with us for our first full on Auction since the pandemic. It’s powered by a DeLorean and flux capacitor. You can travel to 1885, 1955, 1985, or beyond. The future is limitless.  

Join us at Donworth Hall for a fun night of food, drink, costumes, prizes, and more.

Score tickets today here. They are $25 each, with food and drink included! Date night, anyone?

Get Your Raffle Tickets!

We have three amazing raffle packages this year.

The raffle is a critical part of our cooperative preschool’s ability to raise money and better support our children and teachers.

To purchase raffle tickets and view auction items, click on the links below.

Spring Auction Sponsors

We are so thrilled that our very own Bradley Joe from Compass Real Estate is a Doc sponsor for our event. Thank you!

Let’s show our support as a community! If you have any real estate needs or questions, please contact Bradley Joe here.

Let’s give a shout-out to Sunset Squares! They are a Delorean sponsor for the Spring Auction.

With sourdough pizza featuring tall crispy cheese walls and the most delicious creative toppings, it’s an easy, family-friendly treat.

Check them out here for their fun events (trivia night, anyone?) yummy food, and a well-curated craft beer list.

Big thank you to our Delorean sponsor Sherri Howe at Brava Real Estate.

Don’t hesitate to get in touch with her here!