August 1, 2018


Fundraising is an important part of Playmates Cooperative and we participate in a number of fundraising activities each year. Playmates’ affordable tuition covers only the school’s operating expenses. Funds for additional purchases, such as new play structures, special equipment and scholarships for low-income families, all come from our fundraising dollars. 

Your family, office, and friends can support Playmates through purchases with any of these fundraising partners, year-round. Thanks for your support!

Farm Fresh To You: 10% Back of All Sales

Farm Fresh to You is a produce box and grocery delivery service. They offer local, sustainable, organic produce that supports local farms, as well as a wide selection of grocery items.

For new OR existing subscribers, Farm Fresh to You is offering 10% back to Playmates, which will be tallied semiannually. This applies to ANYONE with the code (see below) so please share the code on social media and with your friends and family- anyone may add our school as a beneficiary!

Find the 10% Back PROMO CODE HERE.

Find information on Farm Fresh to You HERE.

Amazon Smile

Do your regular Amazon shopping (including Prime) and Amazon donates back to Playmates. Click on the Amazon Smile text above to activate tracking.

Gus’s Market

Gus’s Market will send 6% of the total payment added to your script account back to the school bi-monthly. You must enroll in script with an application form, then every time when checking out, simply give them your phone number.

Plae Shoes

Enter the code GIVE813 at checkout and 10% of your purchase will benefit Playmates.

Good Eggs

Click on the Good Eggs link above and enter the code playmatespreschool at checkout and 5% of your purchases in October and November will benefit Playmates.

Sports Basement

Sign up for Sport’s Basement’s Basementeer’s program and get 10% off every time you shop and 10% also goes to the school, mention Playmates name.

Children’s Bookstore

Purchases made during our book fair earns Playmates 30% back – in cash OR in books, our choice! This online book fair runs from November 26 – December 10. Purchases made outside this window — anytime throughout the year — still earn Playmates 15%. Every book on the website is eligible for our book fair. Click on the link above to activate tracking.

For Small Hands

Use Playmates’ Customer Number 380326 to receive a 10% of purchase credit for our school on any order over $25. Order by December 12th to receive gifts in time for Christmas and by December 31st to take advantage of the 10% return to the school.

Sloat Gardens

Mention Playmates Preschool at checkout to get 10% credited to Playmates for any growing up green week. The highest participating school gets 20% back to the school.

Growing up Green Weeks in 2023 are

Feb 3 – 12

Mar 17 – 26